Dear Participants;

Blood Banks and Transfusion Society of Turkey is excited to have the XI. National Congress of Blood Centers and Transfusion Medicine with you between March, 11-15, 2018.

Blood Banks and Transfusion Society of Turkey; has organized 20 national Courses, 10 national congress, 121 symposiums and 2 ISBT congress for blood center employees in cooperation with various university hospitals and Turkish Blood Foundation since 1997. In addition to informing professionals of new developments, congresses are a little different than courses in that they are scientific environments, where professionals can present their work through posters and verbally. This way, we can both acquire information regarding new developments and have an idea regarding the level our country has reached in blood banking.

As always, there is going to be a basic training course, concurrently with the congress. "Basic Training Course" is for those who are blood banking and transfusion medicine professionals but have never received this course before. Profession or positions of the participants are not important. The reason it is called basic training course is because basic topics in the same content are presented by different speakers. The objective is to give the professionals in this field a standard beginning training. Since content is the same, participating this course repeatedly is not recommended. We strongly recommend the colleagues, who have recently joined us to participate in this course.

We will get to know each other better, learn, teach, discuss. Have fun and make sure blood banking in our country goes one step further.

Those, who complete the Congress and Course programs, are going to be awarded certificate of attendance. We expect all blood center employees to attend. We look forward to see you in Antalya.

Spec. Dr. Nil Banu PELİT
Congress Organization Board General Secretary

Spec. Dr. Ramazan ULUHAN
Congress Organization Board Chairman

Abstract Submission Deadline: February 02, 2018